Due Diligence Services

  • Industry Situation and Competitive Analysis
  • Breakeven & Activity-Based Costing Analysis
  • Validation of Historical and Projected Financial Statements
  • Cost Structure, Capacity, Scalability
  • Material, Labor & Overhead Cost Reduction Plans
  • Product and Customer Profitability
  • Synergies Assessment
  • Post Acquisition Integration Planning

Financial Analysis Services

  • Budget Forecasting: Objectively measure success by projecting revenue, expenses, and the resulting profitability goals
  • Budget Variance: Track the difference between expected (“budgeted”) expenses/revenue and the actual amount
  • Financial Modeling: Establish a dynamic financial tool that reflects your business, then use it to evaluate scenarios and plan the best path forward
  • Labor Cost Management: Understand the fully-burdened cost of each employee, and know when you are in the position to hire
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Tracking: Determine the KPIs that drive your company’s success and then implement processes and tools to track them
  • Dashboarding: Intuitively evaluate and track your KPIs through a data visualization tool
  • Pricing Analyses: Optimize your pricing to improve margins, surpass the competition, and drive growth
  • Investor Reporting: Paint an accurate and insightful picture of your business to debt and equity stakeholders

Performance Improvement Services

  • Viability Assessment
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Customer Analysis
  • Product & Customer Profitability
  • Strategic Positioning
  • Management Assessment
  • Negotiation with Creditors, Suppliers & Customer